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Teacher Training


MINDFRESH Teacher Training is a certification program for certified yoga or meditation teachers to learn an effective approach to mindfulness designed for the workplace.

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Certified Yoga or Meditation Teachers

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My MINDFRESH teacher training experience was not what I expected.. in a good way! I was expecting it to be typical of other online courses and experiences I’ve done – disengaged instructor(s), boring content, and something I was doing for the certification to put on my resume and not because I thought I’d learn anything new. I was blown away by how different my MINDFRESH experience was. Jen was incredible throughout the process – promptly replying to emails, questions, and even set up teacher connects to help facilitate group learning. I was held accountable in ways that other online courses lack and I truly feel prepared to teach MINDFRESH and feel very much part of the MINDFRESH family because of this experience. Highly recommend taking this training!

Course Description

We offer early registration discounts.  Click the chat box and ask for the -20% code.

What's Included?

unlocked sample course content


    A comprehensive video overview of diverse mindful techniques that improve clarity and composure for corporate professionals

    Communication that clearly demonstrates the value of mindfulness for this audience

    Tried and true sequences that have received positive feedback from thousands of employees at Fortune 500 organizations


    3 virtual practice sessions with other teachers registered in your course

    A video test session with video feedback from senior MINDFRESH teachers, including founder, Jen Kluczkowski


    A professionally and beautifully designed digital destination on the MINDFRESH site featuring your location, photos, bio, testimonials, and clients

Professionally designed resources


    Session pricing, raising the bar for all corporate mindfulness teachers

    Professionally and beautifully designed marketing materials including a sales one-sheet, promotional flyer, contract / invoice / business card templates

    Suggested music for your sessions

Group 4 Teacher Trainees

Meet some of Group 4's recently certified teachers.


“Everybody’s looking for something and we are it. We don’t have to look anywhere — it’s right there within ourselves.” – George Harrison

These legendary words spoken by the most mindful Beatle surely resonate with me and complement the personal experience I’ve had as a MINDFRESH student.

In 2015, I first learned of this method and my curiosity instantly peaked…

Like so many of my peers and counterparts, I struggled to counter the surge of stress, fatigue, and burn-out which is endemic in our industries and, especially, in our cities. I leaned on my yoga and meditation practice to carry me through the extremes of corporate culture but often due to work demands and deadlines I was unable to keep a consistent ritual. I found myself seated at a desk, staring at a screen for hours at a time. The physical, mental and psychological effects were undeniable. That lifestyle was taking a toll on my body, my mind and my spirit. By 2017, I knew I had to find the agency within myself to make the necessary changes. Upon completing my 300-hour Jivamukti Teacher Training in India, I felt a desire and responsibility to direct my energy and focus towards the office culture I had once fled.

Enter Jen Kluczkowski. With a rare blend of wisdom, power, and grace, she shared her mission to course correct our modern day work culture and personal desire to equip more people to assist in this movement. Weaving together meditation, movement & music, she has designed a model that is nothing short of brilliant. Her teacher training program can only be described as masterful; she has synthesized massive amounts of knowledge and distilled the content into concise lessons delivered as easy-to-follow vignettes.

The MINDFRESH teacher training platform is user-friendly with an intuitive dashboard and robust take-away tools. And the human component of the teacher training is unparalleled. You feel held and supported throughout the studies; Jen honors every student and is beautifully intentional about cultivating a community. With compassion and intuition, she pairs fellow TT’s for weekly learning exchanges. It’s undeniable — every element is provided with the utmost care.

I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to upgrade the modern day workplace and inject mindfulness in action, thought and spirit. Jen Kluczkowski is shining a light for all of us. Just as George Harrison said, “It’s all in the mind.”

Kristen Wise, MINDFRESH Teacher, NYC

Vicky Smith, Los Angeles

Vicky Smith, Los Angeles

The MINDFRESH teacher training was an amazing experience. It sets you up with the tools you need to go off into the world and share the gift mindfulness with companies and teams. Despite being an online course, the training sets you up with other students to learn from each other, talk through the experience and eventually teach each other over Skype, making the who learning experience come full circle. Jen, the founder is also a truly amazing person. Not only is she a true expert, but she is a beautiful person inside and out and I love the community of MINDFRESH teachers she has created and so happy to be a part of it.

Aubrey Sutter, Atlanta

Aubrey Sutter, Atlanta

My MINDFRESH training experience was nothing short of incredible. Jen and her team give you the best tools to prepare you for sharing mindfulness with the corporate world in a fun yet structured way. I loved how interactive the course was, even being an online training. You are able to connect with fellow trainees on their experiences with the course, and mindfulness, and incorporate those takeaways into your own MINDFRESH sessions. If you are interested in diving deeper into the world of mindfulness and meditation, whether it's to teach in the corporate world or just for personal growth, I highly recommend MINDFRESH as an excellent place to start.

Karla Ilicic, Seattle

Karla Ilicic, Seattle

MINDFRESH not only taught me the true meaning of mindfulness, but also how to talk about it and share it within the corporate setting. Our lives are very stressful and hectic, and although 'living in the moment' seems to be a saying everyone is sharing nowadays, not a lot of people actually do live that way. Bringing the attention inwards, even for a session of 30 minutes can definitely change lives, and I am so proud to be a part of a company & movement whose goal is to do exactly that!

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For any questions about MINDFRESH Teacher Training including the curriculum, our vetting + training process, please email us at: info@mindfresh.co or click below to speak directly to a certified MINDFRESH teacher. 

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    I am interested in signing up for the teacher training, but I see that it began this past week. Am I still able to apply?

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    Hi there
    I’m very interested in the training, however, as it’s quite expensive, would it be possible to get a bit more details re content? I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, already running mindfulness sessions in the company I’m working in Marketing. My aim is to reduce my job there and to teach more. But I’m struggling to build my business, that’s why I’m interested in your program. Will there be another one after April? I’ll be off for a couple of weeks in May/June and would prefer to do the training once back.
    Thanks in advance for your reply! Greetings from Switzerland,

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