Emily Amos



"We don't meditate to get better at meditating; We meditate to get better at life." -Sharon Salzberg


Emily is a Chicago based MINDFRESH teacher, a certified vinyasa yoga instructor and also specializes in kids yoga. Her mindful journey began eight years ago just after she became a mother and was adjusting to find balance with her new life full of responsibilities and demands. This is when she discovered her passion for yoga and meditation and loved how the practice gave her permission to find stability and reconnect with herself.

Since then, a meditation practice has become a staple in her daily routine and she absolutely loves to educate others about the magic of breathe work, body movement, and bringing focus and attention to the present moment.

Before having children she worked as hairstylist for many years. Even though her professional journey had never led her to the corporate world herself, she has still witnessed the long stressful hours and limited time for self care though her husband’s career. With our face paced, over stimulated, chaos filled world that we live in today she insists that self care is not only important but it has become necessary to continue to be our best selves.

She invites all employees to meet her exactly as you are; midday, busy brain and an achy body from hours at a desk chair. Emily and her MINDFRESH session will give you the permission to hit the pause button, connect with your body and slow your thoughts down. Your only task in the 30 minutes is to sit back, relax and soak up all of the calm, clarity and confidence you are guarantee to gain.

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