Doris Linke



"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." – Swami Sivananda


Doris is a MINDFRESH teacher, a 200-hr certified Power Vinyasa yoga teacher, and practices yoga and mindfulness on a daily basis. She teaches yoga at Lyons Den Power Yoga, the only Baptiste yoga studio in NYC. Moreover, Doris teaches MINDFRESH at selected corporate clients and at the Athleta Studio.

During her long, fast paced marketing career in high tech and travel, Doris always made time for regular varied workouts in order to stay fit, healthy and to let go of her daily stress. In 2003, she discovered Power Vinyasa yoga and ever since was hooked. Always drawn to vigorous classes, she noticed that through this powerful yoga practice she was not only gaining strength and physical fitness but also found ease and balance on and off the mat that she needed so much in her hectic daily grind. Doris realized that practicing yoga was her key to living a mindful and healthy life. Twelve years later, she decided to become a yoga teacher in order to share this practice and inspire more students every day.

Having experienced herself how crucial a holistic approach and the balance of mind and body are in order to prevent burnout and to maintain allover wellbeing, it has been Doris’ big goal to bring physical and mental mindfulness to the corporate world. When she learned about MINDFRESH she knew right away that she wanted to become certified so she can share this invaluable practice with as many corporations as possible and bring peace to offices in the digital age.

Originally from Germany, Doris loves any outdoors activities, chatting with friends about life and passions, traveling overseas and spending quality time with her family in Germany whenever possible.


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