Aubrey Sutter



"Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience." – Jon Kabat-Zinn


Aubrey is an Atlanta based MINDFRESH teacher and 200-hr certified yoga teacher. After coming to yoga during the middle of a stressful job search, she practiced daily for a year before her meditation journey began during her yoga teacher training in Bali.

She has found that a daily mindfulness practice helps her balance the stresses of everyday life and a high pressure work environment. This practice has instilled a new sense of confidence in her mind, and she loves to share these techniques in simple ways that work in and out of the office.

Aubrey is also an avid handstand practitioner, loves watching her Georgia Bulldogs on Saturdays in the fall, and enjoys all things outdoors in Atlanta.

  • That golden light tho ✨
  • Since I had so many people saying they wanted more videos, here you go! And real time! Just a little flow I had some fun with on Saturday.
Finally feeling better, thank goodness. I guess I just needed an extra day to get whatever bug it was out of my system. I fckin hate being sick though, what a miserable two days.
  • Leaping into the weekend like.....
📷 @dimlitesnotwits
PS - extra impressed with myself for this (almost) 180 split leap that is super tricky in wet sand!
  • Since so many of you said you wanted more flows, here is one from a few weeks ago that I never posted!
Before class with @katie_baki at @alolosangeles and the most beautiful backdrop ever! This was my first time free flowing and filming in so long, so I was glad to see my flow creativity was still intact ☺️
  • How did I ever come up with captions every single day? Seems like I used to always have something to say, but nowadays... I’ve got nothing.
Bodysuit by @ernestleoty
  • Just landed back in LA after 5 days at home, my first time visiting since moving out here 7 months ago. Which also means that I am now loaded up on new photos since I finally got to shoot with my dad again! I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever post them all since I can barely manage to post once a week at this point.
Being home was so so so nice, getting to see my family and nephew after such a long time away, but it also made me realize how much of a home LA is to me now. I have my routine and favorite spots and I definitely missed that while I was in Atlanta. Oh, and no mosquitoes! Coming back with about 30 more bites than I left with 😒
Alloy girl 4 life in new @beyondyoga ✨🌈
  • A perfect fit 😄
Happy Wednesday!
  • Working long holds and finding my line. Just about a minute but my forearms and wrist were completely shot after this!
softest biker shorts by @beyondyoga

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