Our Founding Story

I founded MINDFRESH in 2014 to bring peace to the office in the digital age… because it’s what the (corporate) world needs now.

MINDFRESH is the mindfulness provider for numerous Fortune 500 companies and I’ve been fortunate to teach many high profile executives to enhance their leadership qualities by becoming more mindful.

I actively train and mentor a global staff of 50 teachers, create mindfulness content for brands, and speak on-site or at retreats for organizations.

I’ve been a dedicated student of yoga and meditation for over ten years and teaching for the past five, predominantly in the corporate space. I love to leverage my corporate past to make mindfulness relatable. As an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher, I’ve had 800 of formal training, studying with renowned teachers in both New York and India.

You can read more about my journey from media to MINDFRESH here. (hint: peaceful isn’t my natural state!)